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Fasitua Amosa & Beulah Koale at Assembly Roxy

Fasitua Amosa & Beulah Koale at Assembly Roxy

“laugh-out-loud funny” ~ The Public Reviews

“wonderfully poignant, extremely brave and often confronting” ~ Broadway Baby

“sharp, witty and heart-warming” ~ Theatreview

“told with sincerity and passion” ~ British Theatre Guide

“when it screams, it screams truth” ~ A Younger Theatre

“cracking comic timing” ~ WOW 24/7

“stunningly entertaining” ~ Black Diamond 107.8 FM

“loud and proud” ~ ScotsGay

“subverts the language of oppression” ~ Fest


“funny and heartfelt … fast and furious” ~ The Guardian

“hits you with considerable force, with moments of heartrending pathos” ~ The List

 And the critics also said:

“explosively funny” ~ Joyce MacMillan – The Scotsman

“inventive … swaggeringly acted comedy” ~ Mark Lawson – The Guardian


Black Faggot at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, July 31-Aug 25 2014. Starring Beulah Koale and Fasitua Amosa. Written by Victor Rodger. Directed by Roy Ward. Produced by Karin Williams. Part of the New Zealand at Edinburgh season supported by Creative New Zealand


Gay Samoans are coming to Edinburgh!

Black Faggot, the runaway hit of Auckland and Melbourne Fringe Festivals, makes its UK debut at Edinburgh Fringe Festival after sold-out seasons and rave reviews in New Zealand and Australia.

Black Faggot is award-winning Kiwi/Samoan playwright Victor Rodger’s response to the debate around New Zealand’s same-sex marriage bill, which became law in 2013. Victor watched a Destiny Church rally against gay marriage and thought, “one of those kids will be gay and feeling quite wretched about himself.”

The result is a series of hilarious and poignant monologues grappling with challenges faced by young, gay men in New Zealand’s immigrant Pacific Islands communities. A parade of colourful characters collide in raw, emotional and outrageous situations: the “undercover brother” desperate to prove he’s straight, an island mama whose beloved son turns out to be queer, a teenager trying to “pray the gay away”, and a tough Samoan homo who’s out, proud and in your face.

Winner of five awards at Auckland Fringe and two at Melbourne Fringe, Black Faggot is featured in the New Zealand season at Edinburgh 2014. Black Faggot is directed by Roy Ward and produced by Karin Williams.


Assembly Roxy

July 31 – Aug 25

17:30 – 18:30

Tickets: £12.50 – £10.50


Black Faggot at Melbourne Fringe



BLACK FAGGOT makes its international debut at Melbourne Fringe as the inaugural Tiki Tour Ready Award winner. The play was the runaway hit of Auckland Fringe, winning audience acclaim, critical praise and five awards including Best Theatre Production.

A series of hilarious and poignant monologues by Samoan-kiwi playwright Victor Rodger, Black Faggot is directed by Roy Ward, produced by Karin Williams and stars Iaheto Ah Hi (Sione’s Wedding) and Taofia Pelesasa (The Factory).

Black Faggot runs at Melbourne Fringe Sep 28-29 and Oct 1-5 at The Fringe Hub at North Melbourne Town Hall Rehearsal Room.

Beulah Koale in Black Faggot

Beulah Koale in Black Faggot

“Please God, make me straight,” prays Christian, a Samoan teen from South Auckland, after marching in a church rally against New Zealand’s marriage equality bill. Playwright Victor Rodger watched the protest unfold and created Black Faggot in response.

The theatrical premier at the Basement Theater was a sold-out hit of the Auckland Fringe Festival in February, winning five awards including a coveted slot in the Melbourne Fringe Festival this September and the Development Award, which will remount the show in Auckland later this year. The production will also travel to Wellington and Sydney.

Multinesia Productions won the Auckland Fringe Award for Best Production: Theater, the Tiki Tour Ready Award supported by Melbourne Fringe Festival and Creative New Zealand, the Development Award, and the Auckland Arts Festival Award. Actors Iaheto Ah Hi (Sione’s Wedding) and Beulah Koale (Shortland Street) were runners up for Best Performance.

Black Faggot was directed by Roy Ward and produced by Karin Williams. The production was funded by Auckland Council’s Arts Alive program and Creative New Zealand with support from Auckland Pride Festival.